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"Michael Campbell's portraits took first and second place out of 8000 entries in Professional Photographers of America Competition. This is the first new and exciting idea I have seen in photography in fifteen years of print judging. All of his prints would score in the high nineties in National competition. An extraordinary and unique achievement. Some of his portraits remind one of Norman Rockwell's Saturday Evening Post Covers, others have the qualities of the great master paintings of the 17th and 18th century in Europe. I believe Michael Campbell has really developed a new and very beautiful style of portraiture."

- Ken Whitmire, National Print Judge for Professional Photographers of America

"Michael Campbell is the next generation in master artists. He combines the eye, experience,
sensitivity and technique of the consummate portrait photographer, with the unequalled scientific knowledge of digital ingenuity, clarity and enhancement. If you want visual beauty at its exquisite best, Michael Campbell has the magic touch."

- Dr. Denis Waitley, Author & Management Consultant

" In over twenty years of experience, and countless thousands of dollars, I have never seen or enjoyed such incredible photographic masterpieces as those produced by Michael Campbell. He is perhaps the finest business and portrait photographer working in America today. His work is beautiful, finely retouched with the most advanced techniques in digital photography, and superior to anything I have seen."

- Brian Tracy

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